shinmei torii 神明鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also futabashira torii 二柱鳥居. A generic name for a Shinto gate *torii 鳥居, that has straight horizontal members. The simplest type of torii comprised of four circular members: two pillars normally set perpendicular to the ground but sometimes with slight inward incline *uchikorobi 内転, a top lintel *kasagi 笠木, and a tie beam *nuki 貫, inserted into the pillars. Until fairly recently the pillars were embedded into the ground *hottatebashira 堀立柱, to a depth of about 7 feet to insure stability.
a) *kasagi 笠木 b) *nuki
c) *hashira
Zeniarai benten 銭洗弁天 (Kanagawa)

*shiromaruta torii 白丸太鳥居, *ise torii 伊勢鳥居, *kashima torii 鹿島鳥居, *kasuga torii 春日鳥居, *kuroki torii 黒木鳥居, *hachiman torii 八幡鳥居

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