shiromaruta torii  白丸太鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also goryou torii 御陵鳥居, shiroki torii 白木鳥居 or *shimaki torii 島木鳥居. A gate-like entrance *torii 鳥居, which is always placed in front of the tomb of an emperor or other member of the imperial family. The torii is made of stripped timbers from which the bark has been removed. The wood is not painted or lacquered but left to weather. The torii is a simple shinmei type *shinmei torii 神明鳥居 with two straight pillars, circular in section, a top lintel *kasagi 笠木, and a tie beam *nuki 貫, both circular in section. Examples: Kashiwara Jinguu 橿原神宮 in Nara; Torii at each Emperor's tomb; Kashima Jinguu 鹿島神宮 in Ibaraki prefecture; and Katori Jinguu 香取神宮 in Chiba prefecture.


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