kasagi 笠木
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also written 葢木 or 衡木; also *kabuki 冠木.

1 The top lintel or top rail of a Shinto gate *torii 鳥居. Rounded lintels are called marukasagi 丸笠木. The upper surface may be flat or peaked, in which case, it is pentagonal in section. When used with a secondary lintel, the kasagi is wider and longer. On *shinmei torii 神明鳥居, the kasagi is normally straight. The *ise torii 伊勢鳥居 kasagi have a barely perceptible curve. The ends are either straight-cut or beveled with a downward slant depending upon the style of torii. Since the early 17c, the length of the kasagi has been carefully computed in established ratios relative to the height of the pillars and the space between the crossmembers.

2 The top member or coping of a board fence, the top rail of a low balustrade *kouran 高欄, or similar structure.


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