kashima torii 鹿島鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Shinmei type pillars *shinmei torii 神明鳥居, without an incline. There is no secondary lintel *shimaki 島木, and no strut gakuzuka 額束, between the top lintel *kasagi 笠木, and the tie beam *nuki 貫. The top lintel, is circular and is longer than the height of the pillars. The tops of the pillars are grooved to allow the lintel to fit snugly. They are secured by a tenon and mortise. The tie beam is rectangular and extends beyond the pillars, 1/3rd the width of the opening between them. Examples: Kashima Jinguu 鹿島神宮 in Ibaraki prefecture. and Katori Jinguu 香取神宮 in Chiba prefecture.
Katori Jinja Tsunomiyahamatorii 香取神社津宮浜鳥居 (Chiba)
Katori Jinguu Tsunomiyahama torii
香取神宮津宮浜鳥居 (Chiba)

 a) *kasagi 笠木 b) *kusabi
 c) *nuki d) *hashira


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