hachiman torii 八幡鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
A pillar of the shinmei type *shinmei torii 神明鳥居, with no curves on the horizontal members. Similar to the *kasuga torii 春日鳥居 but with one difference: the ends of the straight top lintel *kasagi 笠木, and secondary lintel *shimaki 島木, are cut with a downward slant. The former projects an imaginary line directly to the center of the bottom of the pillar. The latter projects an imaginary line to the outer edge where the pillar and ground line meet. The circular pillars taper slightly toward the top and have an inward incline *uchikorobi 内転. The tie beam *nuki 貫, is square in section, and there is a centered strut, gakuzuka 額束, between tie beam and secondary lintel. Example, Iwashimizu Hachimanguu 石清水八幡宮 in Kyoto. The torii at the latter shrine is unusual as it has no wedges *kusabi 楔, inserted to strengthen the joint where the tie beam penetrates the pillars.

a) *kasagi 笠木  b) *shimaki 島木  c) *nuki
d) *kusabi 楔  e) gakuzuka 額束


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