kasuga torii 春日鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
A shinmei type of shrine gate *shinmei torii 神明鳥居. The two gate posts have an inward incline *uchikorobi 内転, and a very slight taper at the top. The tie beam *nuki 貫, penetrates the posts and extends well beyond them. Wedges *kusabi 楔, driven into the inner and outer faces of the pillars on the upper side of the tie beam strengthen and secure the connections with the posts. Two straight lintels, one on top of the other, crown the pillars: the longer top lintel is called *kasagi 笠木; the shorter secondary one beneath is called *shimaki 島木. The ends of the lintels and the tie beam are cut straight. The tie beam, secondary lintel and top lintel decrease in height respectively. A strut, gakuzuka 額束, is placed between the tie beam and secondary lintel. Example: Kasuga Taisha 春日大社, Honsha 本社 Ichi-no-Torii 一の鳥居, in Nara.
a) *kasagi 笠木 b) *shimaki 島木
c) *nuki d) *kusabi
e) gakuzuka 額束  


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