sanjou bussho  三条仏所
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A Buddhist sculpture workshop *bussho 仏所 that was located in Kyoto's Sanjou 三条 district. It is said to have been established by Jouchou's 定朝 followers Chousei 長勢 (1010-91) and Ensei 円勢 (?-1134) in the 11c. See *Jouchouyou 定朝様. Some scholars believe that the original studio was located elsewhere. The term was first used in the time of Myouen 明円 (?-1199), who is recorded to have lived in Sanjou. Because many sanjou bussho sculptors *busshi 仏師 used the character 円 'En' in their names, the school was known as *Enpa 円派. The Enpa, together with *Inpa 院派 sculptors located in Shichijou-oomiya 七条大宮 and Rokujou-madenokouji 六条万里小路, are collectively known as the *kyoto busshi 京都仏師. They held a dominant position in Japanese sculpture-making during the Fujiwara period, over-taken by the *Keiha 慶派 in the Kamakura period. Representative sanjou bussho works include Nikkou Gakkou Bosatsuzou 日光・月光菩薩像 (1064) by Chousei in Kouryuuji 広隆寺, Kyoto, and Godai Myououzou 五大明王像 (1176) by Myouen in Daikakuji 大覚寺, Kyoto.


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