busshi keizu 仏師系図
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
The lineage of a Buddhist sculptor *busshi 仏師, often presented as a genealogical table. From the middle of the Heian period onward, the profession of head sculptor *daibusshi 大仏師, in a sculpture workshop *bussho 仏所, was considered to be a hereditary position. The best known busshi keizu are those that concern the *Keiha 慶派, *Enpa 円派, and *Inpa 院派 schools, all said to be descended from Koushou 康尚 (11c) and his son Jouchou 定朝 (?-1057). However, not all sources agree, and numerous distinct lineage records exist. Adopted sons and pupils were also included in busshi keizu, and are not always distinguishable from direct descendants.


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