daibusshi 大仏師
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also daibusshi-shiki 大仏師職, zoubutsu-choukan 造仏長官. An important Buddhist sculptor *busshi 仏師, usually the head of a workshop *bussho 仏所. The daibusshi was responsible for directing and coordinating a team of specialists. Sculptors working under the supervision of the daibusshi were called *shoubusshi 小仏師. The term daibusshi was first used in the Nara period to refer to eminent sculptors such as Kuninaka no Kimimaro 国中公麻呂 (?-774), responsible for the Great Buddha *Daibutsu 大仏 in Toudaiji 東大寺 (752) Nara. Daibusshi either headed a private workshop receiving various commissions, as for example Jouchou 定朝 (?-1057), or were affiliated with a particular temple. See *Jouchouyou 定朝様. From the time of Jouchou daibusshi were often given honorary titles as Buddhist priests, which bestowed on them a high social status. In the Kamakura period important Buddhist painters were also called daibusshi.

*kibusshi 木仏師

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