shichijou oomiya bussho 七条大宮仏所
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A Buddhist sculpture workshop *bussho 仏所, located in Kyoto's Shichijou Oomiya, that was active from the 11-14c. It was established by Injo 院助 (?-1108), son of Jouchou's 定朝 disciple Kakujo 覚助 (?-1077), and was the most important workshop used by the *Inpa 院派 school of Buddhist sculptors *busshi 仏師. The workshop flourished in the late Heian period when the Inpa received commissions from the nobility and Imperial family. Other Inpa workshops were set up as offshoots of shichijou oomiya bussho. The most important was *rokujou madenokouji bussho 六条万里小路仏所 founded by Injo's son Inchou 院朝 (dates unknown). In the Kamakura period shichijou oomiya bussho and other Inpa workshops declined, as power shifted to the *Keiha 慶派 school, supported by the Kamakura government.

*kyoto busshi 京都仏師  

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