hien daruki 飛檐垂木
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called konoki daruki 小軒垂木. A flying rafter. A short rafter attached to the base rafter *jidaruki 地垂木, by nails and held in place by a special supporting member called a flying rafter support *kioi 木負. The pitch of the flying rafter is more gentle than that of the base rafter. The flying rafters extend the eaves and diminish the problem of creating too steep or slight an angle of pitch at the eave ends. This prevents the base rafter from becoming so long that mildew grows under the eaves because of a lack of light.
Kenchouji Sanmon 建長寺三門 (Kanagawa)

*hien sumigi 飛檐隅木 b) *jisumigi 地隅木 c) hien daruki 飛檐垂木 d) *jidaruki 地垂木
Kenchouji Sanmon 建長寺三門 (Kanagawa)

*kayaoi 茅負

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