kayaoi 茅負
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
An eave support. A curved horizontal timber that connects the rafters. It is placed on flying rafters that are under the eaves filler *uragou 裏甲 that carries the tile seat *kawaraza 瓦座. In ancient times the eave support and the tile seat were one piece. The kayaoi adds support to the eave ends, since rafters in the Nara period extended only slightly (about two centimeters or a little over) beyond the eaves support. The tiles, therefore, were placed directly on the kayaoi.
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)
a) kayaoi 茅負  b) *kioi 木負
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)

*kioi 木負

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