tsunagikouryou 繋虹梁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 A short curved rainbow beam *kouryou 虹梁 that connects a bracket complex *tokyou 斗きょう on the top of a perimeter pillar *kawabashira 側柱 with the upper part of an inside core pillar moyabashira 母屋柱 below the bracket complexes. Usually used over the aisles *hisashi 廂 of temple buildings. They are short tie beams with some degree of curvature. During the 13c-14c in the Zen style *zenshuuyou 禅宗様, they began to arch upward to a considerable degree at their inner ends. Suggesting the shape of a lobster, they became known as lobster beams *ebikouryou 海老虹梁.

Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)

2 Tsunagikouryou also connect posts at the core of a house with the eave purlins. Some of these members extend from the top of bearing blocks *masu 斗 on exterior pillars and insert into the interior pillars themselves. See *tsunagibari 繋梁.


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