tatamidoko 畳床
KEY WORD : architecture / tea house
A type of straw matted alcove in which either an ordinary *tatami mat is set on a wooden floor or is covered with only the finely woven top surface of a tatami mat. The alcove floor is most often elevated a step above the normal floor level and is faced with a framing board *tokogamachi 床框, usually finished with black lacquer. In tea ceremony rooms, logs with their bark or chamfered wood may be used. In large tea ceremony rooms *chashitsu 茶室, the alcove is constructed for either a single mat of usual dimensions, 1.82m X 0.91m, or sometimes it is made to accommodate a mat and a half. In small tea ceremony rooms daime 台目 size alcoves, 1/2 mat, were common. The tatami have an usuberi 薄べり binding either in black, dark blue or patterned fabric. Example; Nanzenji Konchi-in Hassouseki 南禅寺金地院八窓席, Kyoto.

*fumikomidoko 踏込床, *tokonoma 床の間, *daimedoko 台目床, *itadoko 板床

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