souberi 総縁
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. overall border. An outer framing fabric surrounding a painting or calligraphy. The souberi is used in various styles of mounting, including *bunjin hyougu 文人表具, butusga hyougu 仏画表具, *honzon hyougu 本尊表具, *fukurohyougu 袋表具 and maruhyougu 丸表具. In the case of butsuga hyougu, the souberi encloses the chuumawashi 中廻し (see *chuuberi 中縁) which in turn encloses the painting or calligraphy honshi 本紙. In the case of the bunjin hyougu, only the narrow side strips kosuji 小筋 and horizontal strips *ichimonji 一文字, separate the painting from the souberi. The souberi consists of upper and lower sections known as *jouge 上下, and fabric running down each side of the painting, called hashira 柱.


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