ichimonji 一文字
KEY WORD : 1. 2 art history / paintings, 3 architecture / gardens
1 Two strips of fabric directly above and below a painting measuring the exact width of the painting, forming a part of the mounting *hyougu 表具.

2 A technique used for shading in woodblock prints *ukiyo-e 浮世絵. See *ichimonji bokashi 一文字ぼかし.

3 Lit. character one. A type of extremely thin and elongated oval water basin *chouzubachi 手水鉢, with an indentation for the waterpool that resembles the character ichi 一 or one. Good examples are seen in the gardens of the Toukaian 東海庵 at Myoushinji 妙心寺, Shouren-in 青蓮院, Kyoto.


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