chuuberi 中縁
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
A part of the mounting of a hanging scroll *kakemono 掛物. The chuuberi or chuumawashi 中廻し also called chuu 中, are those portions of cloth which run alongside the honshi 本紙 (area of the painting or calligraphy) on all four sides, above and below the thin horizontal borders *ichimonji 一文字 and to the right and left of the honshi proper. The upper portion can be called chuu-no-ue 中の上 and the lower portion can be called chuu-no-shita 中の下. Strips that border the honshi to the right and left are called heri 縁, or hashira 柱. The lower chuuberi will generally be double the height of the upper ichimonji, and the upper chuuberi will be twice the height of the lower chuuberi. Cloth used for the chuuberi may include gold and damask. Figured silk or plain woven cloth are also used; the quality of the cloth is usually somewhat lower than that used for the ichimonji.


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