shoujouseki 清浄石
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Also read seijouseki, called nozoki-ishi 覗石 or kiyome-ishi きよめ石. Lit. pure stone.

1 One type of sharply pyramidal shaped trump stone *yaku-ishi 役石 placed at the base of the tall, cylindrical water basin *ensaki chouzubachi 縁先手水鉢 in *shoin 書院 style gardens.

2 One of the trump stones used for a hachimae 鉢前 (see *hachimae-no-ishigumi 鉢前の石組), a combination of water basin and trump stones. Shoujouseki is an oblong stone set vertically either to the right or left of the water basin. Shoujouseki and *mizukumi-ishi 水汲石 are both trump stones and are always set opposite each other. *Mizuage-ishi 水揚石 is set a little toward the rear, apart from, but on the side of mizukumi-ishi. The tops of most trump stones are flat.


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