shisoubou 私僧房
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
A private residence for high ranking priests within the confines of a Buddhist temple. During the Heian period, this type of residence replaced the old Nara period type of long, narrow dormitory buildings. Because many members of aristocratic families as well as retiring emperors entered Buddhist monasteries, private quarters resembling Heian period mansions *shinden-zukuri 寝殿造, were constructed and rebuilt or restored at later dates. Examples: Jingoji 神護寺 *Nouryoubou 納涼房 (Momoyama period) in Kyoto; Kongoubuji Fudoudou 金剛峰寺不動堂 (Kamakura period) in Wakayama prefecture; Kyouougokokuji 教王護国寺 (Touji 東寺) Daishidou 大師堂 (1390) in Kyoto.

*soubou 僧房, *houjou 方丈 

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