nishimuro 西室
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
West dormitory. In the 7c and 8c, some temples had monk's quarters to the west of the lecture hall as well as dormitories to the north and east. Koufukuji 興福寺 and Toudaiji 東大寺 in Nara, had this arrangement but it is different today. Kawaradera 川原寺 is known by excavation to have had dormitories also on the three sides of the lecture hall. At Houryuuji 法隆寺 in Nara, the west dormitory is attached to and extends out from the rear of the Sankyouin 三経院 (three sutra hall). The entire edifice is 5 × 19 bays (11.26m ×52.09m). The entrance to the Sankyouin is on the narrow front end. It has a 5-bay pent roof *hisashi 廂 supported by six square posts across the front to form an open veranda that continues on both sides ending where the dormitory begins. Bracket complexes *tokyou 斗きょう are composed of a large bearing block with a bracket arm *daito hijiki 大斗肘木. Boat-shaped bracket arms *funahijiki 舟肘木 are used in the veranda and rafters are widely spaced *mabaradaruki 疎垂木. The roof is gabled *kirizuma-zukuri 切妻造, the eaves are single *hitonoki 一軒, and the rafters are closely spaced *shigedaruki 繁垂木. There is a 1-bay wide step canopy, ikken kouhai 一間向拝. The nishimuro dormitory has square posts on the interior but circular ones on the exterior walls.

*juubou 住房, *soubou 僧房 

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