nimaihozo 二枚ほぞ
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Double tenons. Double tenons take many forms including individual, rectangular tenons of the same size placed side by side and carved from the end of a single timber beam, or U-shape tenons cut from the end of a beam. Quadruple tenons cut from the same beam end are called *yonmaihozo 四枚ほぞ. Finger tenons or channel tenons, collectively called *wanagihozo 輪薙ほぞ are used only on king posts *shinzuka 真束 that support the ridge *munagi 棟木 of a building. All these tenons are used for right angle joints.

*hozo ほぞ, *yatoihozo 雇ほぞ, *hirahozo 平ほぞ, *jigokuhozo 地獄ほぞ, *juuhozo 重ほぞ, *konehozo 小根ほぞ 

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