juuhozo  重ほぞ
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Also called kasanehozo 重ねほぞ; also ryouhozo 両ほぞ. Lit. a stacked tenon. A tenon with a 2-stepped broad base oonehozo 大根ほぞ and a relatively slender, long, extended piece, cut from the original block of wood. The small vertical extension is called a haunch tenon *konehozo 小根ほぞ. When this tenon is inserted into a mortise it is referred to as rabbeted. It is used to join the tops of the pillars to transverse beams and purlins. The name ryouhozo is derived from the two steps extending on opposites sides of the haunch.

*hozo ほぞ, *hozoana ほぞ穴

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