konehozo 小根ほぞ
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
An angle joint *shiguchi 仕口 with a rabbeted tenon *hozo ほぞ. The rabbeted part is also called a hip *koshi 腰. The full width of the hip on the lower part of the tenon is called oone 大根 (large root), also called shitakone 下小根 (lower root). The part of the tenon that extends above the oone is called kone (small root), also called uekone 上小根 (upper root). This tenon fits into a mortise cut in the same shape. The rabbeted tenon and mortise is a stronger joint than a single elongated tenon and mortise joint. Therefore, the konehozo joint is especially useful for connecting beams to corner pillars and posts to foundation footings *dodai 土台.

*juuhozo 重ほぞ, *hirahozo 平ほぞ 

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