niban-ishi 二番石
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. second stone.

1 A stone placed outside a house, particularly a *shoin 書院 style residence. The niban-ishi is second in line; further away from the entrance than the first, larger stone, called *kutsunugi-ishi 沓脱石. A little further from the house than niban-ishi is a third, smaller stone, sanban-ishi 三番石, and then the smallest stone, called *tobi-ishi. 飛石. The niban-ishi is normally positioned just under the edge of the eaves, partly sheltered.

2 Also called *ochi-ishi 落石. The second stone placed outside the crawl-in entrance *nijiriguchi 躪口, to a rustic-style tea house *souan 草庵. The niban-ishi is further away from the entrance than the first stone, called *fumi-ishi 踏石.


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