nakado 中戸
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
A pair of sliding doors *hikichigai 引違, separating the front part of the earthen area *doma 土間, associated with the shop *mise 店, either from an internal courtyard *nakaniwa 中庭, or from the domestic doma toward the rear of the house, associated with the kitchen *daidokoro 台所. Found in vernacular houses *minka 民家 of the Edo period, particularly the urban vernacular residences *machiya 町家. The provision of a nakado seems to have been particularly prevalent in the Kansai 関西 region, but it became increasingly common toward the latter part of the Edo period in many districts and was also found in farmhouses. By and large lattice doors koushido 格子戸, were used.
Old Imai 今井 house Mino Shiryoukan 美濃史料館 (Gifu)
Old Imai 今井 house / Mino Shiryoukan 美濃史料館 (Gifu)


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