mata-zukuri 股造
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
1 A structural system employing posts called *matabashira 股柱, which bifurcate near the top into stumpy branches, one longer than the other; the longer one supports the main-frame purlin *jouyageta 上屋桁, and the shorter the outer purlin *geyageta 下屋桁. These posts are found in various parts of Fukui prefecture, especially around Ikedachou 池田町, in thatched farmhouses nouka 農家. The positioning of the posts varies, but the most basic arrangement has one in each of the four corners of the building. Since the few surviving examples date from the late 17c to early 18c, this structural system is believed to be of considerable antiquity, and appears to have gone out of use by the end of the 18c.

2  In parts of Aichi prefecture, a style of small ancillary thatched hut, koya 小屋, characterized by a central row of earthfast posts *hottatebashira 掘立柱, which are forked at the top to support the ridge purlin *munagi 棟木 directly.

*udatsuya うだつ屋, *udatsubashira うだつ柱 

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