udatsubashira うだつ柱
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
1 A wide post at the interface between the earth-floored space *doma 土間, and the floored living rooms kyoshitsubu 居室部, in parts of Saitama, and Yamanashi prefectures. In these regions the term *daikokubashira 大黒柱 was not used.

2 In Kamogun 加茂郡 Shizuoka prefecture, a large post located at the interface between doma and kyoshitsubu. Also called daikokubashira.

3 In the vicinity of Katsunuma 勝沼 and Enzan 塩山 in Yamanashi prefecture, a large post that extended either to the ridge purlin *munagi 棟木, or well up into the roof structure. Sometimes a large unwrought tree trunk was used.

4 In thatched farmhouses nouka 農家, in parts of Hiroshima prefecture, a ridge-supporting roof strut used in conjunction with *sasu 扠首, munazuka 棟束 or *sasuzuka 扠首束 and supported by the main cross beam *hari 梁, at the center span.

*munamochibashira 棟持柱

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