manekiudegi 招腕木
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Braces that extend outward from the central posts to support the eave end *manekinoki 招軒 of a short, sloping gable at the rear of a building, and a long gable at the front called manekiyane 招屋根. During construction, a purlin *keta 桁 is placed over the ends of the braces and then the rafters and sheathing are laid. The roofing then follows. A short roof of this type is occasionally used over the open front of a *machiai 待合, a waiting or resting shelter in the garden *roji 露地 of a tea ceremony house *chashitsu 茶室. In such cases, the manekiudegi are sometimes made of irregularly shaped, natural branches.

*maneki-zukuri 招造, *manekimune 招棟, *manekihafu 招破風, *manekihijiki 招肘木 

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