kurigata 繰形
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
Also written 刳形. Incised or molded decoration that appears on the edge of exposed architectural members such as nosings *kibana 木鼻, and rainbow beams *kouryou 虹梁, or on furniture. Sometimes highlighted by painting. Also used to emphasize a cornice, pillar top, pillar base, and the outlines of a door or window. Moldings carved from the same timber as the member are called *tsukuridashi kurigata 作り出し繰形. Those carved from a separate timber and attached are called *tsukemen kurigata 付け面繰形. A wide variety of patterns are used, including juzutsunagi 数珠繋 (linked beads), and yamagata 山形 (mountain pattern).


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