kuguriguchi 潜り口
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms/ tea houses
A generic term for a small low entrance through which one has to stoop or crawl. Often fitted in a large gate, so people may enter and exit without opening the main gate. Examples include: the wicket doors in the main doors *oodo 大戸 of vernacular houses *minka 民家, and within or alongside a gate *mon 門 or gatehouse nagaya-mon 長屋門; the opening in the *nakakuguri 中潜, also called kiriguchi 切り口 of a tea garden ; the entry from the garden *roji 露地 to the preparation area *mizuya 水屋 or *katte 勝手 of a teahouse *chashitsu 茶室. Also applied to the *nijiriguchi 躙口 of teahouses.


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