KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. incline or inclination. Also called *uchikorobi 内転. The incline of pillars *hashira 柱. A term used by carpenters to refer to the inward incline of a pillar, generally measured from the top. Most Shinto gates *torii 鳥居 in the general classification *myoujin torii 明神鳥居, have inward inclining pillars. Although the simplest type of torii *shinmei torii 神明鳥居, usually have pillars that are at right angle to the ground but some do have a slight inward bearing. The four pillars of belfries *shourou 鐘楼 also have an inward incline called *shihoukorobi 四方転. The inclination is related to the diameter of the pillar. If the pillar is inclined at an angle equal to half its bottom diameter, it is called hankorobi 半転. Likewise if the angle of inward incline is only one eighth of its bottom diameter, it is called yatsunaka-no-korobi 八つ中の転. The term katakorobi 片転 literally means a sideward incline.


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