komaiura 小舞裏
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. reverse side lath. The lath placed between the roof sheathing and the rafters *taruki 垂木, on the invisible or upper side of sheathing *noji-ita 野地板. Usually komaiura are positioned at right angles to the rafters. The lath is used in this way mainly in conjunction with widely spaced rafters *mabaradaruki 疎垂木, which are sometimes called mabaradaruki komaiura 疎垂木小舞裏 because the rafters pass the underside of the lath. This method is often used in vernacular houses *minka 民家, and tea architecture *chashitsu 茶室.

*komai 小舞, *mabarawari 疎割 

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