mabarawari 疎割
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also abarawari あばら割. Lit. sparsely proportioned. The same meaning as ma-mabara 間疎 (sparse or scanty). Relatively wide space spaces, 30cm〜45cm, used between various structural elements. These elements include: rafters, called *mabaradaruki 疎垂木; the light-weight crosspieces for the framework of sliding doors *shouji 障子 and screens *fusuma 襖, called shouji-no-san 障子の桟 and fusuma-no-san 襖の桟; the components of latticework, koushi-no-kumiko 格子の組子; and the muntins for a small fence, kakine-no-ko 垣根の子. When the distance between members changes, the term used does also: komabarawari 小疎割, refers to closely spaced members; chuumabarawari 中疎割, moderately spaced members; and oomabarawari 大疎割 widely spaced members. The terms mabara, chuumabara, komabara and oomabara may also be added as prefixes to the name of many structural members.

*taruki 垂木, *tarukiwari 垂木割 

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