keshounoki 化粧軒
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
The underside of an eave *noki 軒 in a hidden roof that is not hidden by boards or plaster. A hidden roof *noyane 野屋根 requires two sets of rafters: the *nodaruki 野垂木, which is strengthened by a cantilever *hanegi 桔木 placed beneath it, and the exposed rafter *keshou daruki 化粧垂木, placed below the cantilever. The advantage of this type of eave construction is that the exposed rafter can have a gentle incline allowing more light beneath the eaves, while the hidden rafters can be placed at a much steeper pitch, not only for beautification but to allow rain and snow to run or slide off easily.

*keshou yane 化粧屋根

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