hanegi 桔木
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A cantilever. A heavy, rough member used in a hidden roof *noyane 野屋根, to form a counter balance to the downward thrust of the roof load. The upper end of a cantilever is attached to a roof strut and a weight *hanegiosae 桔木押, to counter balance the lower end. It is secured to a strut in the middle and strengthened by a cantilever cushion, a heavy timber called *hanegimakura 桔木枕. The cantilever at first was used only as an additional support for the roof structure and was not affixed to the eave support *kayaoi 茅負. During the 14c the lower end of the cantilever was firmly fastened to the eave support by making a tenon *hozo ほぞ, on the front cut side and inserting it into a mortise, ana 穴, on the eave support.


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