kanshoku 冠飾
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
A general term for the ornamentation and style of Buddhist crowns *houkan 宝冠. Bodhisattvas *bosatsu 菩薩 are often portrayed wearing crowns that have flower and foliage designs. These designs are thought to be derived from flowers used in hair decoration of Indian Buddhist images, as seen for example in the cave paintings in Ajanta (5c). The various forms of kanshoku include the 7c three-sided *sanmen toushoku 三面頭飾; the high peaked *sanzankan 三山冠; and crowns bearing miniature images *kebutsu 化仏 such as the *gochi houkan 五智宝冠.

*kantai 冠帯, *Juuichimen Kannon 十一面観音, *toushoku 頭飾.

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