sanzankan 三山冠
KEY WORD :  art history / sculptures
1 A black lacquer crown with a row of three rounded peaks called koji 巾子. The crown was worn by court officials at enthronements and state ceremonies, and by people paying respects to the emperor.

2 Crowns found on Buddhist statues in Northern-Wei China and Asuka period Japan. These crowns differed from the court sanzankan in that their peaks curved round the rim of the crown and widened towards the top, with the largest part being the central section above the forehead. Good examples are found on the two attendants *kyouji 脇侍 of Shaka Nyoraizou 釈迦如来像 in Houryuuji *Kondou 法隆寺金堂 and the *Guze Kannon 救世観音 in Houryuuji *Yumedono 法隆寺夢殿, Nara.


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