gochi houkan 五智宝冠
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also gobutsukan 五仏冠, gobutsu houkan 五仏宝冠, gochi nyoraikan 五智如来冠, gohou tenkan 五宝天冠. A crown, bearing five miniature figures *kebutsu 化仏 of the Five Wisdom Buddhas *gochi nyorai 五智如来. The crown was often found on images of *Dainichi 大日, *guhari-no-Amida 紅玻璃阿弥陀, Satta 薩た, *Miroku 弥勒, and Godai kokuuzou 五大虚空蔵. The gochi nyorai are portrayed as Dainichi, *Ashuku 阿しゅく, Houshou 宝生, *Amida 阿弥陀, and Fukuu jouju 不空成就 as listed in the Kongoukai 金剛界 (Diamond realm), or as Dainichi, Houtou 宝幢, Kaifukeou 開敷華王, Muryouju 無量寿, and Tenku raion 天鼓雷音 according to the Taizoukai 胎蔵界 (Womb realm). They were arranged on the crown in a straight line, or with Dainichi in the centre and two figures on each side.


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