itaniwa 板庭
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
1 A low timber platform constructed within the earth-floored area *doma 土間, and used for spreading and sorting crops in farmhouses, nouka 農家, of the Edo period in Aomori prefecture. The floor was raised to avoid damp and the construction is makeshift, with the floor joints *neda 根太 being laid directly on the floor of the doma, in a technique known as korobashi neda 転ばし根太. See also *hadakaniwa 裸庭.

2 In farmhouses in parts of Gifu prefecture, a low-raised floor, itabari 板張り, occupying the area to the rear of the stable *umaya 馬屋. It had a hearth *irori 囲炉裏, placed into the floor and straw mats, mushiro 筵, on which people sat. In simpler houses, this area was called *doza 土座. Also called *usuniwa 臼庭.


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