neda 根太
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A floor joist. A horizontal structural member made of cypress, cedar or pine, laid on a sleeper *dodai 土台 that is placed directly on the ground tama-ishi 玉石, or on a plaster-covered mound *kamebara 亀腹. Struts *tsuka 束 may also be erected on sleepers to raise the floor level. The floor joists are set at a right angle to the struts and the floor boards are laid on top. A joist placed directly on top of the sleepers is called a sleeper joist. Ledger strips, nedakake or nedagake 根太掛 or nedasan 根太桟, are horizontal members attached to a pillar or post in order to support the edge and end of a floor joist.

a) yuka-ita 床板 b) neda 根太 c) *oobiki 大引 d) *yukazuka 床束


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