gezadoko 下座床
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Lit. lower seat alcove. An alcove *tokonoma 床の間, positioned behind the host's mat *temaedatami 点前畳 in a tearoom, *chashitsu 茶室. When the main guest is seated at the right front of the host, he is somewhat removed from the alcove. If a light meal, kaiseki ryouri 懐石料理 is served, the main guest is seated in front of the alcove. Sometimes gezadoko refers to an alcove located to the right of the host's mat or utensil mat *dougudatami 道具畳 in a regular 4 1/2 mat *yojouhan 四畳半 tearoom, or to an alcove provided near the side of host's mat. A tea room with a gezadoko is known as *gezadoko-no-seki 下座床の席. This term is contrasted with jouzadoko-no-seki 上座床の席 where the tokonoma is on the same side as the stove *ro 炉.

*kattedoko 勝手床

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