Gekkamon 月華門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
1 A gate in the corridor connecting the two halls Kyoushoden 校書殿 and Anpukuden 安福殿 in the Imperial Palace at Heiankyou 平安京.

2 Also written 月花門 (found in *SHOUMEI 匠明). A gate following the same tradition as in one above, located in the west side of the roofed semi-enclosed corridor that surrounds the Shishinden 紫宸殿 of the emperor's palace of Kyoto Gosho 京都御所. It has a tiled, gabled roof and is painted with red lead pigment. It faces a matching gate called *Nikkamon 日華門 on the east side. The same format was used for Imperial Palace gates in the medieval and early-modern periods. Both the Gekkamon and Nikkamon open inwards towards the palace buildings.

3 Written 月下門. A courtyard gate at the temple of Toufukuji 東福寺, Kyoto. Said to have been donated by Emperor Kameyama 亀山 (1259-74), this is a four-pillar gate *shikyakumon 四脚門 with a gabled cypress-bark roof.
Kyoto Gosho Gekkamon 京都御所月華門 (Kyoto)
2) Kyoto Gosho Gekkamon 京都御所月華門 (Kyoto)

*Dairimon 内裏門, *Kenreimon 建礼門

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