chuutou 柱頭
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A synonym for the large bearing block *daito 大斗 placed on the tops of pillars during the 6c-12c when new building techniques were introduced from Korea and China. In Korea the large bearing block was called chuutou, lit. pillar bearing block. With the introduction in the 12c and 13c of the new daibutsu style *daibutsuyou 大仏様 and the Zen style *zenshuuyou 禅宗様, the large bearing blocks were set on wall plates *daiwa 台輪, and the beam and bearing blocks were placed on them. The large bearing block in the daibutsu style was set on a plate-like base *sarato 皿斗 and bracket arms were inserted directly into the shafts of the pillars. The style that was Japanized and became the standard style during the 6c-12c., was renamed the *wayou 和様 style to distinguish it from the new styles. The large bearing blocks continued to be used on the tops of pillars in the wayou style.


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