sarato 皿斗
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. plate-like bearing block. A relatively flat, wooden block set beneath the large bearing block *daito 大斗, on top a pillar *hashira 柱. The earliest extant example is at Houryuuji *Kondou 法隆寺金堂 (rebuilt 693) in Nara. During the medieval period with the introduction of the new daibutsu styles *daibutsuyou 大仏様 from China, the sarato and the large bearing block were hewn as one piece and the edges were given a concave molding. From the 17c onward, the plate-like block became large in proportion to the bearing block with an exaggerated top edge, that looked like pudding spilling over the edges of a dish.

Houryuuji Sai-in Kairou 法隆寺西院回廊 (Nara)


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