ashimoto 足元
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 A general term for all structural members from the foundation *dodai 土台 to the floor joists *neda 根太, including the various members used to strengthen the under structure. The number and type depend on the size and weight of the superstructure. The lowermost members are called *jinuki 地貫 and jinageshi 地長押. Above these, are beams called ashimotonuki 足元貫 and ashimoto nageshi 足元長押.

 The cloud wave or leaf patterns decorating each side of ogre face tiles *onigawara 鬼瓦, ogre face painted or carved on a board *oni-ita 鬼板 and *shishiguchi 獅子口. It is unknown where this name came from as no form of a lion. These tiles are ridge end tiles and also called *ashimotogawara 足元瓦. Ridge end tiles were used in every period from the Asuka though Edo period. The styles of these tiles changed but in general can be identified by period if not by exact date.


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