ashimotogawara 足元瓦
KEY WORD : architecture / roofing tiles
Also called *hire 鰭 or *hiregawara 鰭瓦 in Kantou 関東 region. Leges or fin-like shapes that form ornamental patterns of leaves, waves or clouds or their variations on ogre face tiles *onigawara 鬼瓦. These patterns extend a short distance along the incline of each side a gable *tsuma 妻, bargeboard *hafu 破風. This style of onigawara began to develop in the later 16c for use the uppermost roofs of castles. During the Edo period, their size greatly increased and the treatment of motifs became flamboyant.

*oni-ita 鬼板, *shishiguchi 獅子口 

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