tsumegumi 詰組
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Intermediate bracket complexes. An arrangement of bracket complexes *tokyou 斗きょう, associated with the Zen style *zenshuuyou 禅宗様, that was introduced to Japan in the 13c. Identical bracket complexes are set in the spaces between the bracket complexes arranged on tops of pillars *hashira 柱. They serve as intermediate supports, as do the double tail rafters *odaruki 尾垂木, to which they are attached. The bearing blocks *masu 斗, used are smaller than the Japanese style *wayou 和様, bearing blocks, and the bracket arms *hijiki 肘木, are stacked up in such a way that the top one carries five bearing blocks. Some bearing blocks, and bracket arms are carved as one structural piece. The result is an extremely compact arrangement of bracket arms.

Butsuden 仏殿:Kenchouji 建長寺 (Kanagawa)

*amagumi 疎組

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