mizushidokoro 御厨子所
KEY WORD : architecture / acistocratic dwellings
1 A part of the emperor's residential compound Dairi 内裏 in the Imperial Palace, Kyoto Gosho 京都御所. The western aisle nishihisashi 西廂 of the hall known as Goryouden 後涼殿, immediately west of the emperor's living hall, Seiryouden 清涼殿. Food for the emperor and his attendants was brought from the kitchen compound naizenshi 内膳子 to the mizushidokoro for the more advanced stages of preparation. The emperor's meals were then taken to the *daibandokoro 台盤所 in the Seiryouden for final serving. The maidservants who worked in the mizushidokoro were called mizushime 御厨子女 and the cabinets kept there for food and utensils were called mizushidana 御厨子棚.

2 Medieval kitchen in a temporary imperial residence satodairi 里内裏 or a priestly residence under imperial patronage, monzeki 門跡. Often synonymous with *kiyodokoro 清所.


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