daibandokoro 台盤所
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
A room that contains a *daiban 台盤, a long, low, rectangular table on which food was served in individual portions to senior members of the imperial household. The room was in the emperor's residential compound Dairi 内裏 of the palace, and in the shinden style *shinden-zukuri 寝殿造 mansions of the aristocracy during the Heian period. In the present Seiryouden 清涼殿, a 19c reconstruction of Heian period original, the daibandokoro is a 3 x 1 bay room that occupies a portion of the rear (western) peripheral area *hisashi 廂 to the north of the oni-no-ma 鬼間 where food was tasted for poison. In the Higashi Sanjou 東三条 mansion of the Fujiwara 藤原 regents, it occupied a portion of a gallery of the *futamunerou 二棟廊 type that projected northwards from the N.E. corner of the shinden. It was called the daibandokoro rou 台盤所廊. The room also functioned as a waiting area and salon for female attendants. The term is believed to be the origin of the word *daidokoro 台所.


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