kiyodokoro 清所
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
Lit. office of purification. Often synonymous with *kamidaidokoro 上台所, *ryouri-no-ma 料理の間 and *mizushidokoro 御厨子所. A part of the kitchen of an upper class residence where the finishing stages of food preparation took place and meals for senior members of the household and guests were prepared and divided into individual portions. It might be a room within a larger kitchen building, or an independent structure. The only surviving example is at Nijoujou Ni-no-maru Goten 二条城二の丸御殿 in Kyoto, where it is a building adjacent to the main kitchen oodaidokoro 大台所 and is believed to have been used as a servery for banquets. The principal space is a 64-mat room (ryouri-no-ma --a term also sometimes applied to the building as a whole) floored with *tatami 畳 and equipped with a large hearth *irori 囲炉裏 and a well *ido 井戸. In addition there are store rooms for food and utensils.


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